Xmas leg ulcer blues


I want to start with saying I hope all of you had a good Christmas (if your faith celebrates it that is!). Mine, not so brilliant to be perfectly honest. Don’t get me wrong, in general it was exactly what I liked, a quiet affair with not too much fuss. No, what I mean is my leg.

It has been sore recently. Very sore. I discovered on the 25th December exactly why as well. The ankle ulcer, as I said last time, has taken a turn for the worse and especially today it’s been feeling like I’ve been having hot needles poked into it. It has been so bad that I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been close to tears. Remember that I do work full time as well so I have to walk about quite a bit. Anyway, I decided I really needed to change the dressing to have a look and see exactly what was going on.

thumbs leg ulcer 17 dec 2009 Xmas leg ulcer blues Leg ulcer

Image of ankle leg ulcer on 17 Dec 2009 (for comparison)

The leg ulcer that is under the kneecap isn’t too bad, not really healing much but no worse (small blessings, with leg ulcers you take things like this as a good sign). The shin area, again, is no worse and the ones on the inner side of the shin have probably healed and come in ever-so slightly. The ankle ulcer is another story (the ankle ulcer from the other day is pictured on the right for reference to some of the next comments).

I took the dressing off and my heart sank. I could quite clearly see it has quite markedly deteriorated which would explain the sharp increase in pain. I can’t remember if I have stated before the analgesia I have but it is two co-codamol (500mg paracetamol and 30mg codine) four times a day plus 200mg Zydol (a slow release Tramadol) twice daily. So that’s 4000mg of paracetamol, 120mg of codine and 400mg of tramadol A DAY! The pain I have at the moment is not even touched by this, it doesn’t even take the edge of it.

I think the main reason is that the pain is currently nerve ending pain. I have had it quite a few times in the past where as the leg ulcer gets deeper, it seems like its going through the nerve layer and it becomes super sensitive. A single touch in the wrong place will lead to searing pain and tears. Having a leg ulcer is weird with pain, sometimes the deeper it is, the less pain you have. When its close to the surface, it can be almost unbearable. I think I really should go back to the Doctors and insist they refer to me the pain clinic (as I have said before, they have point blank refused to do so in the past).

At times if I had a hacksaw, I would consider hacking my leg off just to get rid of the pain. Some people might think “That’s a bit extreme!” but I swear I have felt like that. And felt like it recently again.

Here are the images from that dressing change. Please note the deterioration of the ankle ulcer. I will of course keep you updated on it’s either deterioration or improvement.


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  1. Kristina says:

    Have you ever tried the herb Comfrey, in one form or another, to heal the wound? It has an excellent reputation for healing wounds. My sister is suffering from leg ulcers and I hope to send her some comfrey, to make an infusion (tea, basically), and then soak a clean cloth in it and apply it as a compress. I would love to communicate with someone who has tried this treatment on a leg ulcer. Thank you.

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