Why does it never do one thing or another!


Continuing on from last month, it’s still playing “silly buggers”! It is just in that state of flux which it tends to get in where it won’t quite heal and then again, it doesn’t break down. I may sound strange but at least I know if it’s broken down then I can deal with it. Currently I’m not sure what the best to do for it, cover on the ActiFormCool or not, keep it moist or dry etc. Grrr!

You can’t tell from the pictures but under the main ankle leg ulcer, there was a little what can only be described as a blister sack. The skin rippled when touched, quite strange really! I can tell you it was sore underneath but subsequent changes have not revealed it breaking down again so not sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the skin healing or it’s just waiting to catch me out!

In general the leg has been sore. Well, the ankle has anyway. I also managed to run out of pain killers and not get a repeat prescription, I won’t be doing that again! I had the full effect of the pain from the leg during that time and I can tell you, it’s not something I would wish on my worst enemy! I am just dreading the day when it gets healed (you have to remain positive after all!) and I have to ween myself off the medication, I do get the feeling it’s a crutch and could be hard.

If you read my Twitter account or Facebook then you will know that I had a problem with my camera for a little while, hence the pictures in this post might be a little dark or different than previous ones seeing as they were taken on a mobile phone. I think the camera decided it had had enough taking pictures of leg ulcers! However, it has now been fixed and better quality should resume from now on!

4 May 2011

9 May 2011

14 May 2011

15 May 2011


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