The cycle continues


OK, well here we go. You will probably remember that I have said on Twitter and Facebook that the leg ulcers have gone downhill again. They were what I would have called healed but now, not so!

I mentioned last time (in this post) that there was what I called a blister sack on the ankle. Well, it would appear that this has slowly opened up into a deep ulcer on the ankle again. The start of it can be seen on the first set of images for this update from the 22 May 2011

You will see that there is some skin and what looks like crust around the ankle. This can sometimes be a good thing, other times its bad as there is unstable skin underneath it.

The next set you can see where the sack was and how it has progressed into a deeper ulcerated area. The part which is right on top of the bone is not looking too good either and looking ready to fully break down.The top of the leg is also feeling left out so has opened up very slightly!

26 May 2011

We now get onto the 28 May 2011. The leg ulcer is not looking good at all and is now leaking. I wasn’t sure if there was some infection in it (as the smell had returned) so used some antibiotic cream I have. I don’t use it too much as it has the same problem as normal oral antibiotics and will stop working if used for a period of time. The pain is back up there as well.

It’s really quite depressing taking dressings off and seeing it. I must admit that I am back in a bit of a doldrums because of it as I just see no end to it no matter what I do icon sad The cycle continues Leg ulcer

Then just this final one on 02 June 2011. As you can see, it’s probably no worse and a little cleaner but no improvement. The smell seems to have subsided and it is still quite depressing seeing it like this again after it was doing so well just a couple of weeks ago. It just seems to me that this cycle will never end for me, and that can be hard to cope with sometimes when you think what you can be missing out on. I had a short discussion on Facebook about it and one of the things I miss the most is swimming. Even if the leg did heal I would feel so self conscious about it. IF it ever does heal, I need to find a neoprene like leg guard I think to cover it and protect it.


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  1. aj says:

    3M has a product called cavilon for ulcers.

  2. Carolina says:

    After reading your blog, I was wondering if you had seeked the help of a vascular surgeon? They could do an ultrasound to check for venous insufficiency. You may have leaky veins. This is what I do at work. Thought I’d share the information. Hope that it helps.

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