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Photos from 4 June to 4 July


Here are the photos I promised yesterday. I have kept them to a minimum if not your browsers may well give up while trying to load them all!

You will see from the early ones the wound bed was a bit of a funny colour. By that I mean the bed had a few flecks of yellowish gunk in them, however I used a topical antibiotic cream which I have been given. Like most antibiotics though it can not be used for to long a period of time without it becoming useless. However, it seems to have done it’s job and the wound has cleared up for now!

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The cycle continues


OK, well here we go. You will probably remember that I have said on Twitter and Facebook that the leg ulcers have gone downhill again. They were what I would have called healed but now, not so!

I mentioned last time (in this post) that there was what I called a blister sack on the ankle. Well, it would appear that this has slowly opened up into a deep ulcer on the ankle again. The start of it can be seen on the first set of images for this update from the 22 May 2011

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Monthly update on the leg ulcers!


I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for this to be a monthly update but just the way it is going recently, it’s about the only time I get to update the blog! Last month there were connection issues, this month, the computer went into a meltdown when I tried to get rid of Windows and install Linux, it really REALLY didn’t like it. So much so in fact, I had to delete everything and reinstall XP again meaning I’ve been updating the computer just to get it back to a usable condition. That along with working a week of night shifts has kept me away from the keyboard other than doing necessary installs etc.

I should now be back to “normal”!

30 March 2011

The above are images that complete the month of March. You will see that the shin leg ulcer still has the pin prick marks on it but the main ulcer appears to be coming in and up nicely. The ankle still has some dead skin around it that refuses to come off and I didn’t want to pull in case it pulled some good skin away. Read more »

Big update, not good news

thumbs leg ulcer 08 02 2011 Big update, not good news Leg ulcer

Leg ulcer on 8th Feb 2011 (click for larger image)

thumbs leg ulcer 26 02 2011 Big update, not good news Leg ulcer

Leg ulcer on 26th Feb 2011 (click for larger image)

I said I would update tonight and managed to sit down long enough to get the leg ulcer images up and sort out the text for them.

As the title suggests, it’s not been going to well of late. These top two images are from the 8th February to the 26th February and you will notice a big change between the two date. For example, what you see on the left are images of the ankle taken on the 8th and the 26th side by side for a comparison.

You will notice that it goes from being reasonably clear to a very “manky” and rough looking wound. I knew something was not right as it was getting sore and stinging again.

I think some of this goes down to a “bad batch” of ActiFormCool dressings I got. I peeled the top layer off and noticed that some of the gel stuck to that sheet. Not thinking too much of it, I used it and it dried out in less than a day. It dried out so much that I could hear the dressing “cracking” underneath the bandage.

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Stopped in it’s tracks… I hope!


Hmmm. It’s quite odd this time. If you look at the pictures at the end of the post you will notice that the leg ulcer on the ankle looks quite well healed. However, it still bloody hurts for some strange reason. It is probably as it is drying out quite quickly but shouldn’t make any difference as there doesn’t appear to be any active areas. Perhaps it’s because despite appearances it’s not fully healed.

It would appear that the removing of the backing on the ActiFormCool early this time has worked well this time to heal it up. Regular readers will know that I have had a problem with maceration of the wounds. I decided early this time to dry the wound base out and it currently seems to be the best way to treat it. I say currently as what works one time, doesn’t work the next!

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It was too good to be true


*Sigh* I do hate being right about my leg but it does appear in this instance, I was, again. I haven’t posted much recently as I have been enjoying the Christmas period with family (and work!) etc and the new year. The leg ulcers have actually been very good over that period with not much to write about or even to photograph as they have been pretty . However, it came to the redressing yesterday and I have noticed it has gone downhill again almost over night. It is back to being incredible sore and I’m munching painkillers like they are sweets again.

You will see from the pictures that the two upper leg ulcers, that is the one at the top of the leg under the kneecap and the one which is located on the outside of the shin are actually doing OK. The under knee cap one is a bit weird. It keeps getting a fair bit of skin growth on it so I have to make sure I keep removing it so it doesn’t get too mushy and break down, this seems to be doing OK and doesn’t need to have any dressings over it.
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Leg ulcer pictures part 2!


I’m like buses I think. You hear nothing for a while then all of a sudden you get me posting two blog entries in as many days! This is the 2nd installment of the catchup pictures.

As you will notice, from the 7th October, there is a “new” ulcer that has sprung up on the other side of the shin. So along with the original shin ulcer breaking down again anyway, there is now two distinct ulcers there. I have always said that it is good times mixed with bad with these. As soon as it looked like they were going the right way, bang, back to square one icon sad Leg ulcer pictures part 2! Leg ulcer

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Leg ulcer dressings


I had a lovely comment recently asking me about what I use on my leg and about compression bandages and compression socks/stockings/hosiery (it is called different things in different countries). One thing I will stress is that everyone is different and there are different approaches to try and improve leg ulcers and DVT’s in general. What works for me may not work for anyone else in the same way and nothing should be done without speaking to a trained nurse as your treatment with depend on Doppler results etc! In fact, copying what someone else has could be dangerous. If, for example, you have arterial ulcers, compression therapy should NOT be used as it could result in amputation of a limb! Right, that’s my disclaimer out of the way, here we go.

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22 September 2010 photos


Here is just a quick photo summary of the last dressing change on the 22nd September 2001. I am working on my next major post and that will be about the dressings I use and have!

As you will notice, there is some improvement I think in the ankle (it looks scaly but feels OK), and some backwards steps in the shin area icon sad 22 September 2010 photos Leg ulcer

Swings and roundabouts


Hello again! Sorry it’s been a little while since posting but I am currently on holiday so just enjoying some much needed down time and resting the leg! It’s been a while and this time off has been really needed as I was about to break I think! I would say that is one of the most important things for those with ulcers… rest. The leg pain has tailed off slightly since I’ve been resting it but something odd has been happening with the ulcers themselves.

Nothing new there then I can hear some people saying! Well, whats happened is that the ankle has improved a bit and not looking quite as sore and angry as before, but for some reason, the shin ulcer seems to have gone deeper again. I have no idea why, as usual I am not really doing anything different (other than resting it) and there is no reason for the shin to break down again. The shin is usually the one I can keep under control better. I think the reason for this is that the area is easier to get the correct compression on as it doesn’t flex like the ankle etc and it tends to stay in place. To me it doesn’t look infected which would be a reason for it to deteriorate. I shall obviously be keeping an eye on it. It is quite sore but again, that is more down to the fact it is getting deeper. Lets hope I can turn it around again.

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Slow improvements

thumbs nu gel Slow improvements Leg ulcer


Well, it seems that I have been able to get away just recently with leaving a whole extra day in-between dressing changes! I know that probably doesn’t sound like a lot but it is an improvement. I have been changing the dressings every other day as the pain has been so bad and also it has been getting very uncomfortable. Well, it’s every third day now which usually means that there is an improvement.

There is, the pain has subsided to just a dull ache most of the time with a few times where it is very sore. I think the reason it is still so sore is that I have been doing a lot of hours at work recently and that usually involves a fair bit of standing around. I know before you say anything that that is very very bad for someone who has leg ulcers and also had DVT’s but it is unavoidable. I do rest my legs when I finish work and sleep with them raised above the level of my heart so I do try and take measures when I can!

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Another hospital visit


Just a quick update on a visit I had the other day and some more leg ulcer pictures from the other day!

I had to go back to the hospital again for a an appointment with the “nurse led” clinic. I do like the nurses there as they treat you like a human being rather than just someone with a problem and seem to genuinely care about you. They also remember a frightening amount about you! I had my leg washed and the leg ulcers measured for future reference. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that there is not much they can do, I have an appointment with the skin specialist next week but to be honest, I’d rather see the nurses as they seem to do more for me!

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Downhill slowly

leg ulcer 25 07 2010 10 Downhill slowly Leg ulcer

The shin leg ulcer

This is the second set of images that I said I would post. As you can see, there has been more deterioration in the leg ulcers. I knew it was going to be like this as I could feel the shin ones just feel different, even underneath all the layers of bandages that I have applied to my leg.

You will see in the pictures the top ulcer does seem to have a slight improvement again, a bit more skin across the middle. The ankle is ever so slightly worse again but not quite as sore. The shin leg ulcers have opened up quite wide again and is sore and uncomfortable as the bandage seems to apply quite a bit of pressure across this area despite running a strip of Profore over the shin area to protect the nerve and stop so much pressure over the shin bone. Profore is a soft bandage that is also used when you break your leg and put under the cast.

It just never ends though, one repairs, another breaks down!

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The results are in

thumbs precision extra glucometer The results are in Leg ulcer

Glucometer for measuring blood

I got the results of the X-Rays back today and (as is usual in these cases) it’s come back clear. I knew it would, just not the right symptoms of Osteomyelitis. The unfortunate thing is that I am back to square one…. AGAIN! I’ve no idea where to go from here, I do have a specialist appointment in the next few weeks and I am going to push for her to actually do some tests, anything, to find the underlying cause. It’s at the point now where I will not take no for an answer. And if I don’t get what I want, I’m going to ask for a referral to someone else who is interested!

On to the ulcers. Pain has been fair this time around, it’s not raging “I want to cut my leg off” pain but just very sore at times, especially around the shin area. I’ve always had trouble in that area, I think it is because the skin is thin here and it goes through the nerves etc. very quickly.

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X-Rays, leg ulcers and pics


Sorry! I’ve done it again haven’t I.

I’ve been neglecting you all again. I do apologise but just recently, I don’t seem to have found much time. As I have said before, despite having active leg ulcers, I am also a person who is in full time work. Sometimes this work does involve standing around for long periods and as a consequence, when I finish, I just want to rest the leg as it is agony.

Well, I went and had my X-Rays so the waiting game starts now until either the doctor contacts me or I ring them to find out what the results are, as I said in my last post (click here if you missed it) they are checking for Osteomyelitis, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are wrong. Normally I can get a sneaky look at the x-rays but I couldn’t see the image they took. I have a feeling that the bandage may obscure the image a bit though but there was no way to remove the bandage to take the image either icon sad X Rays, leg ulcers and pics Leg ulcer This might be a problem as they would be looking for holes in the bones from what I can gather.

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