Why does it never do one thing or another!


Continuing on from last month, it’s still playing “silly buggers”! It is just in that state of flux which it tends to get in where it won’t quite heal and then again, it doesn’t break down. I may sound strange but at least I know if it’s broken down then I can deal with it. Currently I’m not sure what the best to do for it, cover on the ActiFormCool or not, keep it moist or dry etc. Grrr!

You can’t tell from the pictures but under the main ankle leg ulcer, there was a little what can only be described as a blister sack. The skin rippled when touched, quite strange really! I can tell you it was sore underneath but subsequent changes have not revealed it breaking down again so not sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the skin healing or it’s just waiting to catch me out!

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Blood Clot Court Claims Costing NHS Millions


Interesting news article I stumbled over today, worth a read for a lot of people who have leg ulcers as they do tend to also have had DVT’s somewhere in the past!

Blood Clot Court Claims Costing NHS Millions (On Sky News site)

“The NHS is paying out millions of pounds in clinical negligence claims because hospitals are failing to spot life-threatening blood clots.”

As those of you who have read my story you will know that my leg ulcers started from (I believe anyway but no one has said it). Of course, if you havent read my story then you can click the link at the top of this page where it says “About Me” and click on “And so it begins“.

Monthly update on the leg ulcers!


I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for this to be a monthly update but just the way it is going recently, it’s about the only time I get to update the blog! Last month there were connection issues, this month, the computer went into a meltdown when I tried to get rid of Windows and install Linux, it really REALLY didn’t like it. So much so in fact, I had to delete everything and reinstall XP again meaning I’ve been updating the computer just to get it back to a usable condition. That along with working a week of night shifts has kept me away from the keyboard other than doing necessary installs etc.

I should now be back to “normal”!

30 March 2011

The above are images that complete the month of March. You will see that the shin leg ulcer still has the pin prick marks on it but the main ulcer appears to be coming in and up nicely. The ankle still has some dead skin around it that refuses to come off and I didn’t want to pull in case it pulled some good skin away. Read more »

17 March – 26 March 2011


Continued from the last post, this is the second installment of how it’s been going this month. You will notice from the images and the descriptions with them that the shin leg ulcer has now healed up a bit. Where there were pin pricks of ulcers on them, one did decide to break down but has been caught early enough and is healing back up nicely really.

The ankle while it looks healed is actually quite sore still to the touch. The other thing you may notice from the images is there is a build up of skin around the outside of where the dressing goes. I am hesitant to remove this as I always worry too much will come off and open up another leg ulcer even lower on the leg. I may have to just soak it and rub it with some rough cloth or VERY carefully with a pumice stone. Read more »

01 March – 12 March 2011


I said I would write! And here I am again. Not been feeling very good of late, not the leg as such, just a bit down and sick really. It’s not like me to be honest, I usually just suffer with the leg and get on with it but I think there has been some bugs going around.

I’ve split this update up into two posts, one I will post tonight, the other hopefully tomorrow. If I didn’t split it there are too many images for those on slower connections! It is a whole months worth of ulcer pictures however I have reduced most of them to just two per dressing change.

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Sorry again!


Ooops. You may have noticed a distinct lack of updates recently. My fault really as I have been having some connection issues and also not feeling great after work and been sleeping lots icon sad Sorry again! Leg ulcer However, I seem to have (fingers crossed) got them sorted out. I will update with some images hopefully tomorrow. Basically, after the last updates, it seems like the ulcers have been healing again. It is really strange to be perfectly honest as usually they “go off” more before improving. I used some antibiotic cream on them and it seems to have cleaned them up a treat….. for now! Perhaps I will have a break for a while, please? I’ll update soon with some pictures of how it looks now.

Big update, not good news

thumbs leg ulcer 08 02 2011 Big update, not good news Leg ulcer

Leg ulcer on 8th Feb 2011 (click for larger image)

thumbs leg ulcer 26 02 2011 Big update, not good news Leg ulcer

Leg ulcer on 26th Feb 2011 (click for larger image)

I said I would update tonight and managed to sit down long enough to get the leg ulcer images up and sort out the text for them.

As the title suggests, it’s not been going to well of late. These top two images are from the 8th February to the 26th February and you will notice a big change between the two date. For example, what you see on the left are images of the ankle taken on the 8th and the 26th side by side for a comparison.

You will notice that it goes from being reasonably clear to a very “manky” and rough looking wound. I knew something was not right as it was getting sore and stinging again.

I think some of this goes down to a “bad batch” of ActiFormCool dressings I got. I peeled the top layer off and noticed that some of the gel stuck to that sheet. Not thinking too much of it, I used it and it dried out in less than a day. It dried out so much that I could hear the dressing “cracking” underneath the bandage.

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I’ve not gone away!


Just to let you know, I’m still about! I have had various things to conspire against me getting to a keyboard and stopping me uploading photos, for example work courses etc. I will try to get it sorted tomorrow as there is quite a bit to write about. Unfortunately, it’s not good news icon sad Ive not gone away! Leg ulcer

Leg Ulcer on Channel 4 Series


I missed this when it was on initially but found out there had been an item on leg ulcers on Channel 4’s “Embarrassing BodiesSeries 4 Episode 3.

The good news is that if you are quick enough, you can view it on-line via Channel 4’s On Demand (4OD). It may end up on other sites for example YouTube but after a quick search, it isn’t there at the moment. I say if you are quick enough because as of writing, it is only available for another 23 days. I am not sure if this works for others that are “overseas” i.e. outside of the UK.

This episode shows a young man who presents to them with a leg ulcer which is eventually diagnosed as a very rare case of Pyoderma Gangrenosum (some information can be found here). He shows a very nasty looking oozing ulcer on his left leg.

For those who can view it and don’t want to watch the whole programme (it is quite full on with some of the other people who attend and does contain nudity etc) the times when the ulcer is specifically dealt with are from 2.00 minutes to 5.13 then 30.25 – 32.43 and finally 41.00 – 43.50

Those links again:

General episode 3 information: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/embarrassing-bodies/episode-guide/series-4/episode-3

Information on Pyoderma Gangrenosum: http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/conditions/pyoderma-gangrenosum/

Information on leg ulcers: http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/conditions/leg-ulcer/

Catch up and full leg images!


Not sure I’ve missed some but no matter, it might give a better idea on the healing of the leg. It has, I am happy to report, is continuing to improve. The odd thing is that the ankle still hurts loads even though it is probably the most healed part of the ulcers! It really is quite strange. It does make me think there is something going on underneath there but I can’t see anything obvious (I’ve even studied the photographs to see if there is anything I’ve missed but nope, can’t see anything!)

I have continued to remove the backing off the dressings to try to keep the area dry. This does seem to be the way forward in the future. It seems when it gets too damp is when it breaks down. I know that it is a bit contradictory to what they say with wound beds as they usually say they should be kept moist for keeping the healing going but I am always odd and seems that causes me more problems than anything!

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Bees honey is behind new technique to help ulcers heal


Wellll, technically they have been using honey for years on wounds and other ailments

I spotted this on the BBC news website and neglected to post it when I saw it, sorry! Read it HERE.

I do know another person who has had these in the past and they say they are brilliant. However, they were in a different area of the country and they have moved and now can not get them as the NHS in this area say they are too expensive to prescribe to people. I may chance my arm next time I go to the hospital and see if they will give me any.

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Meditation is a cure?

thumbs pain image Meditation is a cure? Leg ulcer


I thought I would let you know what I’m reading at the moment. Don’t worry, it is relevant! If you read this regularly, you will know that a recurring theme in my posts is leg ulcer pain. I often have to take painkillers like sweets and have certainly had to recently which is something I do not like to do as it has other knock on side effects and have always looked at other ways of possibly easing the pain.

I saw a program on TV the other day about the amazing powers of the human body. This show was specifically about the brain and how it dealt with pain. The bit which got me was the part which went on to state how various people have managed to live with pain and control it to some degree by training their mind and how the brain was scientifically proven to be able to shut out pain.

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Stopped in it’s tracks… I hope!


Hmmm. It’s quite odd this time. If you look at the pictures at the end of the post you will notice that the leg ulcer on the ankle looks quite well healed. However, it still bloody hurts for some strange reason. It is probably as it is drying out quite quickly but shouldn’t make any difference as there doesn’t appear to be any active areas. Perhaps it’s because despite appearances it’s not fully healed.

It would appear that the removing of the backing on the ActiFormCool early this time has worked well this time to heal it up. Regular readers will know that I have had a problem with maceration of the wounds. I decided early this time to dry the wound base out and it currently seems to be the best way to treat it. I say currently as what works one time, doesn’t work the next!

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Group urges action for long-term pain sufferers


If you are a regular reader, you will know that one of my problems I have had and which infuriates me is the lack of understanding to the pain I suffer from the medical profession.

Well, it would appear that I am not the only one. This is not specific to leg ulcers but I thought I would post a link to the BBC News site to an article I thought hit the nail on the head!

“The survey of more than 4,400 people found while many had suffered chronic problems, too few were given the help or support to deal with it.

The report called on the government to improve access to services and training of staff.”

The article “Group urges action for long-term pain sufferers” can be read at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12155277

It was too good to be true


*Sigh* I do hate being right about my leg but it does appear in this instance, I was, again. I haven’t posted much recently as I have been enjoying the Christmas period with family (and work!) etc and the new year. The leg ulcers have actually been very good over that period with not much to write about or even to photograph as they have been pretty . However, it came to the redressing yesterday and I have noticed it has gone downhill again almost over night. It is back to being incredible sore and I’m munching painkillers like they are sweets again.

You will see from the pictures that the two upper leg ulcers, that is the one at the top of the leg under the kneecap and the one which is located on the outside of the shin are actually doing OK. The under knee cap one is a bit weird. It keeps getting a fair bit of skin growth on it so I have to make sure I keep removing it so it doesn’t get too mushy and break down, this seems to be doing OK and doesn’t need to have any dressings over it.
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