Leg ulcers and horrible toes!

thumbs ulcer toe 20 08 2010 3 Leg ulcers and horrible toes! Leg ulcer

My horrible toe on 20 August 2010

As I have been saying for the last few posts, the pain continues in the ankle leg ulcer. It’s odd as it is still changing and today it has been a stinging pain. This is not something I have had very often, usually it’s a dull ache to acute intense pain but as I say, it’s a stinging sensation this time! I’m not sure if a dressing has slipped and it is touching the tubigrip which I put underneath the Profore dressing and that is irritating the nerve endings or if its just really sore as I have been up and about quite a bit over the past few days.

I am also having a problem with my toe of all things! It is another part of my body which has also been sore in recent weeks but certainly over the last couple of days, at times its been absolute agony! I have never broken a bone but I can imagine how it feels if this is anything to go by. I injured my toe many years ago (and never went to the doctors/hospital) but just recently its look really quite “ergh“.

I am sure that it is down to the leg ulcers that I have and the reduced blood supply that it looks rough at the moment. The thing that worries me the most is that it looks like a tiny ulcer on the toe near the nail, I have included a picture for you to look at. I know that some people might see it and think that there is a fungal nail infection etc but I have had some clippings taken (when I went for a leg ulcer dressing) and it all came back normal. It is raised and thickened but I have no idea what is the problem with it. Oh, and I do keep them clean not that the photographs show it up as it is on a macro setting which picks up even hairs in the image!

Toes on 21st August 2010

On to the “main” pictures. You will see that the ankle area is (as my post above also tells you!) very sore looking. It is also quite macerated at the moment as well and no matter what I do, I can’t stop it from looking like it. However, the advantage is that it makes the skin around the area quite easy to remove and because the leg is always under a dressing, it is good to get rid of the dead skin, I just have to be careful it doesn’t also end up breaking down into a huge ulcer!

16 August 2010

20 August 2010


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