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Spider skin?!


Another news item that I happened across!

This one is all about spiders webs would you believe to make new skin!

I will post an update soon, just still busy here and so news in the next update which might explain the lack of posts recently! icon smile Spider skin?! Leg ulcer And it’s good news!

Serena Williams

394 Serena Williams Leg ulcer

Serena Williams (c) ESPN

You may be wondering what the relevance of a tennis player has on a site like this? Well, if you remember, a lot of my problems stem from when I had DVT’s and also a PE (pulmonary embolism).

I found this story that caught my eye, worth a read!

QuotationMarks 02 Serena Williams Leg ulcerI had a lot of swelling in my leg, which really is a telltale sign of an embolism, and I could not breathe,” Williams said.

She said doctors couldn’t find anything in her leg and then ordered a CT scan of her lungs.

“That’s when they found several blood clots,” Williams said. “They told me that they had to check me in immediately or else … it wasn’t going to be a good result. QuotationMarks close e1307568497542 Serena Williams Leg ulcer


Sound familiar?!?

For the full story, go to

Chameleon Bandage to Help Wounds Heal


bandage 278x225 Chameleon Bandage to Help Wounds Heal Leg ulcer

Wound Bandage (c) Discovery News

Another piece I found in the news which may in the future help leg ulcer suffers is this “Chameleon Bandage” which contains temperature-sensitive fibers that change colour in the presence of heat generated by infections or inflammation.

“An Australian researcher is developing a bandage that could help treatment of chronic wounds by changing color to reveal the state of the wound beneath.

The invention could improve the quality of life of many, as well as reduce the $500 million cost of chronic wound care in Australia.

“What I’ve developed is something that changes color in response to changes in temperature,” says van der Werff, who is doing the research as part of a PhD at Monash University in Melbourne.

The research is also supported by a manufacturer of bandages.”

Click here to read the full story

Blood Clot Court Claims Costing NHS Millions


Interesting news article I stumbled over today, worth a read for a lot of people who have leg ulcers as they do tend to also have had DVT’s somewhere in the past!

Blood Clot Court Claims Costing NHS Millions (On Sky News site)

“The NHS is paying out millions of pounds in clinical negligence claims because hospitals are failing to spot life-threatening blood clots.”

As those of you who have read my story you will know that my leg ulcers started from (I believe anyway but no one has said it). Of course, if you havent read my story then you can click the link at the top of this page where it says “About Me” and click on “And so it begins“.

Leg Ulcer on Channel 4 Series


I missed this when it was on initially but found out there had been an item on leg ulcers on Channel 4’s “Embarrassing BodiesSeries 4 Episode 3.

The good news is that if you are quick enough, you can view it on-line via Channel 4’s On Demand (4OD). It may end up on other sites for example YouTube but after a quick search, it isn’t there at the moment. I say if you are quick enough because as of writing, it is only available for another 23 days. I am not sure if this works for others that are “overseas” i.e. outside of the UK.

This episode shows a young man who presents to them with a leg ulcer which is eventually diagnosed as a very rare case of Pyoderma Gangrenosum (some information can be found here). He shows a very nasty looking oozing ulcer on his left leg.

For those who can view it and don’t want to watch the whole programme (it is quite full on with some of the other people who attend and does contain nudity etc) the times when the ulcer is specifically dealt with are from 2.00 minutes to 5.13 then 30.25 – 32.43 and finally 41.00 – 43.50

Those links again:

General episode 3 information:

Information on Pyoderma Gangrenosum:

Information on leg ulcers:

Bees honey is behind new technique to help ulcers heal


Wellll, technically they have been using honey for years on wounds and other ailments

I spotted this on the BBC news website and neglected to post it when I saw it, sorry! Read it HERE.

I do know another person who has had these in the past and they say they are brilliant. However, they were in a different area of the country and they have moved and now can not get them as the NHS in this area say they are too expensive to prescribe to people. I may chance my arm next time I go to the hospital and see if they will give me any.

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Group urges action for long-term pain sufferers


If you are a regular reader, you will know that one of my problems I have had and which infuriates me is the lack of understanding to the pain I suffer from the medical profession.

Well, it would appear that I am not the only one. This is not specific to leg ulcers but I thought I would post a link to the BBC News site to an article I thought hit the nail on the head!

“The survey of more than 4,400 people found while many had suffered chronic problems, too few were given the help or support to deal with it.

The report called on the government to improve access to services and training of staff.”

The article “Group urges action for long-term pain sufferers” can be read at