Bees honey is behind new technique to help ulcers heal


Wellll, technically they have been using honey for years on wounds and other ailments

I spotted this on the BBC news website and neglected to post it when I saw it, sorry! Read it HERE.

I do know another person who has had these in the past and they say they are brilliant. However, they were in a different area of the country and they have moved and now can not get them as the NHS in this area say they are too expensive to prescribe to people. I may chance my arm next time I go to the hospital and see if they will give me any.

“Asked if she was concerned that this treatment costs twice as much as usual methods, she pointed out that the NHS spends 4% of its budget treating people with wounds that won’t heal.

She said the results will be analysed later in the year by the PCT, which would then re-assess its use for cost-effectiveness.

Honey has been much touted for its medicinal qualities. Scientists hope that its ingredients may also be used to combat MRSA, the ‘superbug’ present in British hospitals.”

It is odd I think when they say things are too expensive when it comes to leg ulcers. It’s a well know fact that leg ulcers are expensive as they go on and on for ages! Surely if they could heal them quicker, it costs less? Or am I missing something?!


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