And the pain gets worse


I told you all about the pain I was experiencing last time. Well, as you can tell from the title, this time it’s no better. If anything, it is worse than it was. Dressing changes normally dull or remove the pain (for a day at least), this time, it has had zero effect and if anything feels more sore than it did before I changed the dressing! I have changed nothing in the routine or frequency so I am at a loss as to what has happened, then again, they have a mind of their own and do what they want regardless!

It does always seem to get worse after visiting the hospital so I don’t know if there is anything in that or not. It’s probably just down to my luck, they are OK when I go to the hospital then break down after I’ve been so they never see them at their worst. Perhaps I should show them this website but then I am sometimes not too complimentary about the doctors.

Shame as the nurses are spot on!

If you look at the photographs, you will notice that the leg ulcer on the ankle is looking quite angry, the reason being that it is! It’s odd, its not a constant pain, I get twinges that send my whole leg into spasm and it feels like a thousand hot needles being pushed through the softest part of the skin, not a pleasant feeling I can tell you.

There doesn’t seem to be any regularity to the pain, it’s not like I am doing something that triggers it. I can walk around all day at work (which I do most of the time!) and it can be OK, or it can be agony. Then I come home and do nothing other than rest it (raised up of course!) and it’s agony again and causing all sorts of spasms.

It has been difficult to sleep at nights at time as I just can’t get comfortable and it is affecting my mood. It is depressing enough to have leg ulcers, let alone have them and also very little sleep. There has been times where I have had around 3 hours sleep on a night and have to do a full days work the next day, come home absolutely shattered only to have another disturbed nights sleep because of the pain…. I have tried various methods to get to sleep but it just doesn’t work and I don’t want to resort to taking sleeping tablets, I take enough tablets as it is!

12 August 2010

You will no doubt notice that the ankle is looking pretty macerated again. If you look at the pictures of the leg ulcer on the ankle, the worst area for pain is at the bottom of the picture. It’s odd in the fact that it doesn’t feel like the ulcer bed which is the most painful place but I think because there are so many nerves etc that run under the skin around there, the pain is being transmitted to that area.

I have tried to take a picture which shows the depth but it didn’t really work very well. I would guess at the two main ulcers being around 1/4″ deep in depth again. I have to say that it seems to have stopped at that depth which is a small blessing I suppose and they haven’t gain anything else in size so are in check at the moment. Lets just hope it stays that way!

15 August 2010

Pretty much really as above. The ankle leg ulcer has not really developed despite the increase in pain. It just doesn’t seem to be doing anything again. I’ve started to go back to using Sudocrem again to try and get the maceration under control although this sometimes gives me pain as it dries out much quicker than a moisturiser, catch 22 really. You need moisturised to stop further ulcers but too much and it breaks down anyway!


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  1. john H says:

    Hi i hade an alcer start about 11 years ago and the pain ya big time.3/8 inchh deep and the size of a half dollar.What worked for me and the doctors never told me is this this. one day at work in big pain a old timer asked me if i ever tried two compression socks and i said no . went home that saturday and put on two felt better. sunday put on three and that is when it started to heal…..Yea jest need the right compresson……

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