Where are we now?

Life now is pretty much settled down. I don’t think I’ve had any more acute episodes of DVT or PE’s in the last few years (touch wood!) but that is probably more down to being in compression bandaging on the bad leg and proper Class II compression hosiery on the other leg.

The leg ulcers are as they are now really. I have never had a 100% complete healing of them. I am a medical mystery it seems. Everyone has an idea on what it might be but when I’m tested, nothing conclusive can be found. I am a reasonably fit and healthy (currently) 36 year old. Leg Ulcers in someone so young (so I keep being told) is VERY rare. I am well aware of this but it doesn’t get me any further in getting them healed. I have been poked and prodded by so many people I have probably missed a large part of this story but at nearly 3000 words, I think I have covered the most important parts!

I hope you enjoy the site!

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