We’re going nowhere!

Were now into December 2003. I still have the leg ulcers and the doctors are again saying I have an SVT! I am getting nowhere fast it seems. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to die while they are trying to figure out the difference between the two!

I am now also in compression bandages. Originally I had some Doppler readings undertaken (in February 2004) and the results meant that they thought I had Arterial problems which means you cannot under any circumstances have full compression applied. This would lead in some circumstances to having a limb amputated!

By March 2004 it was decided after another round of Doppler tests that my readings had sufficiently improved to commence compression bandaging techniques. I am still using the same ones even to this day (not the bandages obviously!).

vari4 150x150 Were going nowhere! Leg ulcer

Diagram of vein locations

In May 2004, I was sent to see a Vascular Surgeon. I had to have what is known as a Duplex Ultrasound Scan where they use the same machine that is used during pregnancy to physical see the blood flow in various parts of the leg. The surgeon told me that after reviewing the results, the arteries were fine and I had venous insufficiency (occlusion) in the Common Femoral, Superficial Femoral and Popliteal Vein. This meant that they could do nothing for me. He spent less than 5 minutes in the room with me and never answered any of the questions that I had running around in my head at that time. I can tell you that I was depressed and if there was a time when I thought my world had collapsed, it was around about then. I drove home and probably shouldn’t have done so. I had the wife in the car and she was terrified I was going to do something stupid. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have done.

In July 2004, I was reviewed for life-long anti-coagulation. This Doctor also reviewed my previous episodes in hospital and he came to the conclusion that he thought I had indeed had a Pulmonary Embolism (or PE). He did this by looking at the CAT and MRI scans and also the X-Rays that I had taken when I was in the hospital. The end result was that life long anti-coagulation would NOT benefit me.

Oddly enough, in August 2004, I had cause to think I had yet another PE. I actually don’t remember what the outcome of that was! I think I was in a bad place at that time of the my life as nothing seemed to be going right.

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